About Us

Who we are
Evenbush Ventures Private Limited is an investment vehicle that aims to build profitable & community friendly business ventures. The company has a profitable & reputable Food Processing Unit named
Eb Foods.

Our Mission
To produce exciting, innovative and successful brands

Our Vision
To be a creative & inspiring business

Our Goal
To be the most valuable brand of Convenience Foods in Zimbabwe

Our Values
At Evenbush Ventures we believe in dreaming big & winning. Our character and actions are shaped by the following values
* Integrity - We are In harmony with our environment.
* Excellence- We Strive to exceed goals
* Innovation  - We Generate New ideas & approaches
* Teamwork - We achieve Efficiency through collaboration

Eb Foods - excite your taste buds
* Eb Foods is the food processing division of Evenbush Ventures. Established in 2014, Eb Foods specialises in the production of low carbohydrates & high protein Convenience Foods.

What we do
* We focus on producing healthy & tasty foods designed to excite your taste buds. Our snacks are low in carbohydrates & high in protein hence they are ideal for gym goers & those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eb Foods snacks also have a long shelf life making them perfect for camping & traveling, hence our products are also termed “Survival Foods”

Our products include
1. Biltong
2. Beer Stix
3. Drywoirs
4. Salami
5. Sausages
6. Dry roasted peanuts
7. Peanut Clusters
8. Corn Nuts
9. Peanut Butter
10. Dried Fruits
11. Spices

Our Distributers & Partners
Consumers will find our products in the nicer Convenience Stores, Restaurants and Bars, Supermarkets, Sports Clubs & also on our Online Store.